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Screaming in the Cloud podcast: Cloudashing onto Mac


Maciej Winnicki was Corey Quinn's guest at Screaming in the Cloud podcast

Figuring out what the hell is going on in the AWS environment can be a head scratcher, on a good day. But, thanks to the earnest work of folks like Maciej Winnicki, Founder of Cloudash, these itches are, indeed, being scratched. Maciej and Cloudash got put on blast by Corey on Twitter, but for all the right reasons! Maciej goes into the details on Cloudash and how it works as a native desktop app for Mac. Maciej talks about all the areas that Cloudash is covering down from Lambda to CloudFront and others. Corey is a happy customer completely on his own! Listen in as he and Maciej take a deep dive into the technical aspects of Cloudash, and what Maciej has created is something really unique!

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