Browse CloudWatch logs and metrics, hassle-free.

Cloudash provides clear access to CloudWatch logs and metrics, to help you make quicker decisions.

  • Reduce time to resolution
  • Zero-configuration
  • Use any deployment tool
  • Group your resources by service
  • SSO support
  • What happens on your machine stays on your machine
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A single pane of glass to your AWS account

Cloudash gives you a single pane of glass to see exactly what's happening in your cloud applications.
View logs, metrics, and configuration from multiple services, regions, and accounts in one place.

Beautiful UI for your AWS account

  • Focus on what's important

    Cloudash shows you the most important information, filtering out all the noise. Quickly understand what's happening with your application without switching between multiple tabs.

  • Blazing fast time-to-discovery

    Detect root causes of a cloud application failure in seconds. Did a production incident happen last week? Or 20 seconds ago? With Cloudash you can search, filter and browse your logs and metrics effortlessly.

  • Serverless and more

    Cloudash supports API Gateway, Lambda, and CloudWatch Logs and Metrics. We are working on adding support for more services including CloudWatch Logs Insights and AWS Fargate.
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  • Secure by default

    We're not sending your AWS credentials, or any data stored within your account anywhere. Why would we? Whatever happens on your machine, stays on your machine.

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OK, Cloudash is quite literally Magic for AWS Serverless Development

AWS Console made simple

Get access to you data as quickly as possible. No need to manually create custom dashboards.

Auto-discovery of your resources

  • Group your resources by service

    Cloudash automatically loads all supported resources from a CloudFormation stack. You can also create a service by manually picking resources from your account.

  • Use any deployment tool you want

    Full support for AWS CDK, AWS SAM, Serverless Framework or any CloudFormation-compatible framework. If you use Terraform, you can manually pick resources you want to group together.

  • Zero-configuration

    Once you configured aws-cli on your machine no further configuration is needed. Cloudash reads this configuration so you can define services based on your AWS profile.

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Metrics that matters

  • Metrics + Logs = 🚀

    You can quickly zoom in and zoom out the metrics chart and you will immediately see respective logs. No need to copy and paste timestamps or manually select dates and times.

  • AWS Lambda logs grouped by invocation

    For AWS Lambda, logs are always grouped by invocation. You will not see logs from different invocations between START and REPORT log lines.

  • Quick access to logs and metrics for API Gateway

    Logs for a Lambda function backing an API Gateway endpoint are easily accessible. You don't need to remember the Lambda function name. You can just click on the HTTP method and path pair in the menu.

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Logs screen

A single pane of glass to your AWS account

  • See what's important first

    No need to manually create custom dashboards. Cloudash automatically shows you the most important metrics for a particular AWS resource or for your entire service.

  • Full support for AWS SSO and MFA profiles

    Cloudash comes with built-in support for AWS SSO and MFA profiles, enabling you to use it for all your projects. Production-grade software, side projects, we can handle it.

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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to us, we're here for you.

    • Can I try Cloudash before buying it?

      Yes! Cloudash has a free trial for 7 days, you can download it here and give it a shot. We'd love to hear your feedback!

    • Which deployment framework does Cloudash support?

      You can use Cloudash regardless of your deployment tool by manually picking AWS resources. What's more, Cloudash is able to automatically discover resources deployed using any CloudFormation-compatible tool (e.g., AWS CDK, AWS SAM, Serverless Framework) or Terraform.

    • What happens to my AWS credentials when using Cloudash?

      Cloudash does not send (and never will) your credentials anywhere. All API calls necessary for Cloudash to operate are executed locally from your machine.

    • Is Cloudash going to incur extra costs on my AWS bill?

      Cloudash uses Amazon CloudWatch GetMetricData API every time it loads or refreshes charts. AWS charges $0.01 per 1,000 metrics requested.

    • Does Cloudash store my production logs and metrics anywhere?

      Whatever happens on your machine, stays on your machine. We do not send your data anywhere, nor do we store in on a Cloudash Enterprise server (which we don't have).

    • Which operating systems are supported by Cloudash?

      Cloudash runs on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Close all your AWS console tabs

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