Serverless monitoringsimplified

Introducing Cloudash, a macOS/Linux desktop app for monitoring your serverless services performance, invocations, errors and more.

Cloudash overview

Serverless first

Built for serverless developers by serverless developers

Gain full visibility into your AWS Lambda functions with a single macOS/Linux desktop app.
Say goodbye to tens of open CloudWatch tabs: solve issues, gain insights and resolve incidents without them being a murder mystery.

Trusted by many

Endorsed by AWS community

Gain enhanced visibility into your serverless stack

Serverless observability is hard, but it doesn't have to be.

Serverless first

Cloudash can be used with any serverless application, regardless of region, account or your level of AWS expertise.

Multiple services in a single view

Tired of constantly switching between CloudWatch tabs? Cloudash provides a laser-focused view of your serverless environment - all in a single window.

Blazing fast time-to-discovery

Detect root cause of a serverless system failure in minutes, not hours.

Secure by default

We're not sending your AWS credentials anywhere. Why would we? Whatever happens on your machine, stays on your machine.

Use any framework you want

Full support for AWS CDK, AWS SAM, Serverless Framework or any CloudFormation-compatible framework.

Zoom in on the details

Did a production incident happen last week? Or 20 seconds ago? With Cloudash you can search, filter and browse your serverless logs and metrics effortlessly.

Simple fixed subscription-based pricing

Cancel anytime with a single click.

Technical support

Found a bug? Have a feature request? We'd love to hear your feedback and improve based on your suggestions. Feel free to reach out at

All your accounts and environments in a single place

Tired of constantly switching tabs? We know that pain, that's why Cloudash allows you to seamlessly switch between environments, functions and even completely different accounts.

Cloudash user interface

Stay on top of your logs.

Search for whatever you want, whenever you want. Cloudash comes with built-in filtering capabilities enabling to get to the bottom of your problems faster than ever before.

Cloudash user interface

“OK, Cloudash is quite literally Magic for AWS Serverless Development”

Simple no-tricks pricing

7 days of free trial. Fixed price afterwards. No billing surprises. Cancel anytime.


  • Single-seat license

  • Email support

  • All future updates


  • Single-seat license

  • Email support

  • All future updates

  • Our everlasting gratitude


Let's talk
  • Flexible licensing

  • Priority support

Meet the team

Cloudash is built for engineers, by engineers.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to us, we're here for you.

What happens to my AWS credentials when using Cloudash?
Cloudash does not send (and never will) your credentials anywhere. All API calls necessary for Cloudash to operate are executed locally from your machine.
Does Cloudash store my production logs and metrics anywhere?
Whatever happens on your machine, stays on your machine. We do not send your data anywhere, nor do we store in on a Cloudash Enterprise server (which we don't have).
Is Cloudash going to incur extra costs on my AWS bill?
Cloudash uses Amazon CloudWatch GetMetricData API everytime it loads or refreshes charts. AWS charges $0.01 per 1,000 metrics requested.
Which deployment framework does Cloudash support?
Cloudash supports AWS CDK, AWS SAM, Serverless Framework or any CloudFormation-compatible framework.
Which operating systems are supported by Cloudash?
Cloudash runs on macOS and Linux. Windows support is on our roadmap